Kathleen Stinnett

"The best way to know life is to love many things."

— Van Gogh

My purpose is to encourage courageous choices and intentional leading and living. My core passion is helping people to create extraordinary futures. This is true whether I am coaching an individual in transition, guiding leaders to increase their leadership effectiveness, facilitating a team to perform in a more collaborative level, or creating a life that I love. The end result of all of my efforts is to help individuals (and myself!) achieve the results and desired outcomes they want to achieve.

I work as an executive coach and a guide to those who are navigating significant life transitions. I facilitate leadership development workshops and teach managers how to coach employees. I design learning experiences and sustainability practices that assure changes in behavior and improve performance. I am infinitely curious about human behavior and grateful for the work I do with others. My passion for coaching, and teaching leaders how to coach, fueled The Extraordinary Coach book, co-authored with my good colleague Jack Zenger.

I strive to follow my own passions and callings outside of work as well. Some of these include being with family and friends, loving my dog Mocha (an exuberant Yorkshire Terrier), spending time in nature, learning how to draw and paint, singing with a choral society, and playing the piano.

A few years ago, I revisited the "road not taken," which was playing the piano professionally. I chose to satisfy my curiosity regarding this pursuit, and I began composing original piano music. Although classically trained in music, I enjoy composing and playing the more free-flowing lines and sounds of new age piano. Winter Dream is my first published collection of original piano compositions.

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