I work regularly with a network of talented associates and organizations to bring extraordinary solutions to my clients. Depending on the nature of the engagement, I collaborate with individuals who can bring unique industry and functional expertise to the team. We can therefore expand the solution delivery team to meet your business needs.

Since 2000, I have played an active role with The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, leading one of its foundational adult development programs. I also serve as a mentor coach assessor and play an advisory role on the leadership team.

In 2003, I joined Zenger-Folkman as a senior consultant and executive coach. Specializing in leadership development, Zenger-Folkman offers leaders a unique 360-degree feedback process and approach to development that helps them move from "good" to "great."

Since 1993, I have been associated the Spectra Learning Group, an organization that delivers award-winning human performance solutions focused on personal effectiveness, leadership, sales and customer service.

I also work with the Leamon Group as an executive coach, and with dAK & Company as a master trainer, helping individuals and leaders improve their effectiveness in business presentations. Recently, I've had the pleasure of reuniting with Larry Wilson & Associates and helping people play the Great Game of Life.

Accomplished colleagues I collaborate with include Cathy Robinson-Walker, Sandy Smith, Clare O'Connell, Tom Pollack, and Sam Magill.